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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2012, 10:27 AM


Taking photos is not always about getting the perfect shot in the perfect light at the perfect angle. Sure its great when you do but in the short time I have been into photography I have seen far to many people criticize others peoples work , claiming to be better than one another and   personally I don't take photos to try and be better than anyone else. I just happen to sees the beauty in the world and want to share it with you and  I take photos because I like :-
1. Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful world we live in.
2. Having fun and experimenting with things
3. Capturing moments in time!
4. Inspiring  others to do the same.
This is why I don't consider myself a professional because anyone can take photos like mine and that's exactly how I like it! My goal with my photography is to  show you people how beautiful my part of the world is hopefully inspiring you to visit it one day.  So If you like my gallery I ask you one simple favor please show me how  beautiful  your part of the world is.

I am not  sent by god, god has never contacted me, I am not a Theologist,  I am not a philosopher or a Scientist. But I am entitled to my opinion!

For years I have kept quiet because I was afraid I would upset people or that people would think I was crazy. I let those who shouted the loudest have the final say, but not any-more! You may not agree with me and you may well think I'm crazy but its my opinion so rather than tell me how silly I am or try to outshout me fell free to tell me your opinion and why you feel that way. Who knows we might both learn something in the process.


My Mum Was Born in Toronto and some of my family still live in Canada.When I first visited Canada  I was a  wee kid and even back then I somehow felt that I belonged there.The people were so kind to me and Toronto felt like a cleaner less crowded , better built version of London. Now don't get me wrong London has a lot Toronto does not have I.e. all its history plus the galleries in London are free. So I guess what I am really trying to say is Toronto and London are similar enough that if you know one you can instantly fell at home at the other, yet the cultures of the countries are different enough to make you know your on holiday and to miss little things when you get home.
The more observant of you might of noticed that Canada is the first folder in my gallery and there is a simple reason for this, My passion for photography started in Canada. For personal reasons (I don't fell comfortable listing on here) I had not been able to visit Toronto for a very long time. So when I finally got another chance to go back, I wanted to make sure I somehow captured the magic of Toronto.
I wanted to be able to show all my friends why for the past 10-20 years I have kept going on about how great Canada/ Toronto is and how much I missed it, plus I wanted something to remember it by because I didn't know when I might get to go back again. So I brought a cheap camera and my new hobby was born.



It greatly annoys me how most so called great pieces of art will never be viewed by the public because some art collector decided rather than helping the poor they will waste hundreds of millions buying art.
It also annoys me how little art collectors actually know about their own art I mean you could stick a Monet or any one of the "famous masters" works right under their nose and unless  the  Wildenstein's tell them it's a great piece of art by a master they wouldn't even know!
Art should be about how it looks not who painted it or how much its worth.
Which is exactly why I love  Street Art!
It opens the art world up to everyone because the art is there  for everyone to see and has no real value.
The artists simply want to show off their skills to the world  even though they may never get any credit for them, and in some cases they  could actually get punished for trying to  making the world look prettier.



Originally I was going to put London in my places folder Because my London Folder is not  that big right now.
However because London is fairly close to me  and has an awful  lot to see, I plan to visit  an awful lot of places in London over the next few months / up coming year when I have the time and the money. So this folder will hopefully become a  lot bigger.

Places I hope to visit in the future are :-  
Epping Forest
Kensington Palace
leake-street-tunnel (Banksy  tunnel)
London Zoo
St Paul's cathedral
The Shard (when it opens to the public)
Tower Bridge
Westminster Abbey



Like I said earlier I take photos to try and show you how beautiful the world / my part of the world is. So I have tried to list where everything was taken and group it together by location , so if you live close enough or you ever visit England   you can one day go and experience  these beautiful site for your self.

Like what you see why not watch me ?

Okay I get that some of you might think its a bit cheeky asking for you to  watch me.
However  I didn't make this gallery to get a huge amount of page views or massive attention I made it to show people my part of the world and all the great places I get to visit.

Because of this I am always uploading photos of my recent trips and trying to plan new trips.
So I would greatly appreciate it if you follow me and tell me what places inspire you.
I would also love it  if you could possibly suggest some places you think I should visit.

Please Tell me what you want to see.

As I mentioned above this album is made to try and connect with you and show you how beautiful the world is.
So if you like somewhere I have visited before and think I should take more photos or you want to see photos from a specific location you think is near me feel free to make a comment below or send me a message.

Many thanks
Just A Simple Man


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